An internationally published Digital Artist,   Dan Wampler has worked in the photography industry for over 3 decades.  In his career he has trained hundreds of photographers.  His passion for the art form has been his motivator to constantly improve, change and adapt his style.  He sees digital art more as a journey than a destination. His approach is not to capture reality, but rather his perception of reality.  As a result, he very openly admits his images are altered.


His main passion is Infrared Digital Imaging; a process where images are captured using a portion of the light spectrum the human eye cannot process.  Infrared images are quite unusual and striking.    


Recently, his series "Contemporary Ruins - Crestwood Mall" was featured on numerous websites and the images have been viewed over 2 million times.  One image was selected for use in a childrens book, and another for a book cover image that is currently a best seller in Tokyo.     

Dan is an accomplished trainer and teaches both online and in person, as well as lead a series of Photography tour/shoots.

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