Dan Wampler digital art | Contemporary Ruins - Lost Church

Contemporary Ruins - Lost Church

Photo Tour & Instructional Training​

This is an instructional tour; if you arrive with a camera, you will leave with good images.

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Where:  The Lost Church (very close to the middle of nowhere, but close to St. Louis)


When: Saturday, March 5th, 2016  1pm -3pm


Tuition: $75


Instructor: Dan Wampler                              

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Situated outside St. Louis in almost the middle of nowhere is the ruins of a small church.   Built in 1883, the church has stood the test of time, or at least the walls have.  Long gone is the roof, floor and windows.  The ruins are well tended and sit at the entrance to a cemetery with headstones dating back to the mid 1800s.   These ruins are open to the public and we capture their beauty with as much respect as possible.    


Topics Covered
Working with natural light 
Auto Exposure Bracketing 
Basics of High Dynamic Range photography HDR
Infrared Photography
Creative composition skills
Use of f-stop for Depth of field 

What to Bring:
Digital Camera 

Wide angle lens
Tripod (not required, but helpful)
Memory cards (extra SD if you wish to shoot Infrared) 
Water bottle
Extra camera battery
Walking shoes 
An interest in learning



We will meet at 12:45pm and depart at 1pm.   The departure location will be emailed to you.  Parking at this location will be limited, so we will encourage you to carpool with other attendees.  The trip will take less than 30 minutes.  Once we arrive we will be in the same location for the duration of the session.  Once the session is complete, you will be led back to our starting point.  Everyone will have the opportunity if they wish to capture images in Infrared.  Please bring an SD card if you want to try out Infrared Photography.   Lensbaby lenses will also be available to try and use.