Dan Wampler digital art | Missouri State Penitentiary Photo Tour & Instructional training

Missouri State Penitentiary  Photo Tour & Instructional Training 

This is an instructional tour; if you arrive with a camera, you will leave with good images.

 To see more images from this location, click the images above.

This is a sanctioned tour authorized by the State of Missouri, we will not be trespassing. 


Where:   Missouri State Penitentiary                           
               115 Lafayette St                                                                                          
               Jefferson City , MO 65101    


When: Saturday, March 12, 2016 1pm-4pm


Tuition:  $145   (includes entry fees)


Spots in the Tour are limited, to register and  and reserve your place, click here


Topics Covered
Getting the right exposure 
Creative composition skills
Use of f-stop for Depth of field 
Working with natural light 
Auto Exposure Bracketing 
Basics of High Dynamic Range photography HDR
Infrared Photography


What to Bring:
Digital Camera 

Wide angle lens
Tripod (not required, but extremely helpful)
Memory cards (extra SD if you wish to shoot Infrared) 
Water bottle
Extra camera battery
Walking shoes 
A positive attitude


We will meet at 12:45pm at the Missouri State Penitentiary. 

At the Penitentiary, you will be given instructional training on how to capture your best images.  

There will be plenty of time during the shoot to ask any questions you have.  

Are you interested in ghosts?  

Everyone will have the opportunity, if they wish to take images with an  Infrared converted camera.  

This is not a Photo Walk; this is a real photographic training session.  
The tour will take us around the Penitentiary, including the Gas Chamber.  Yes, you can sit in the chair.    


To learn more about the instructor, click here


About the Penitentiary:

The Missouri State Penitentiary, also known as "The Walls",  was a prison in Jefferson City, MO 
that operated from 1836-2004.  Part of the Missouri Department of Corrections, it served as the state 
of Missouri's primary maximum security institution.  Before it closed, it was the oldest operating 
penal facility west of the Mississippi River  and was infamously referred to as 
the "Bloodiest 47 acres in America"  Some say the entire place is haunted