Grover Cleveland High School  Photo Workshop

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Where:  Grover Cleveland H.S.   4352 Louisiana, St. Louis, MO

 When: 10/03/15 1pm-3pm

 Tuition: $75

 Instructor: Dan Wampler    For more information about the instructor, click here 


This tour has been CANCELLED 



Grover Cleveland High School opened in 1915 as a comprehensive high school.  The architectural design was that of an Ivy League  University.  It was often said to look like a castle.  The school was closed in 2006 and just left.  Since then, the roof has leaked, vandals have broken in and graffiti artists have left their mark on the inside.  After 9 years, the inside resembles the set of a post apocalyptical movie.   In what was once the Library, there now grows moss on the floor that looks like grass.  It is quite a site.  The Department of Education is willing to rent the school for this training tour.  We will be going in with permission and security guards; we will NOT be trespassing.



What to Bring:
Digital Camera 


Dust Mask (if you have a problem with mold)

Wide angle lens
Tripod (not required, but helpful)
Memory cards (extra SD if you wish to shoot Infrared) 
Water bottle
Extra camera battery
Walking shoes and clothing that can get dirty
A positive attitude.


Topics Covered
Working with natural light 
Auto Exposure Bracketing 
Basics of High Dynamic Range photography HDR
Infrared Photography
Creative composition skills
Use of f-stop for Depth of field 


We will meet at 12:30pm in front of Grover Cleveland H.S.  at 4352 Louisiana, St. Louis, MO and at 1pm we will be granted access for two hours.  There will be security present, but we will need to go in together.  Everyone will have the opportunity if they wish to capture images in Infrared.  Please bring an SD card if you want to try out Infrared Photography.