Senior Portraits - Why have the same, boring school photos when for about the same price or less you can have magazine quality portraits?                                                           

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Modeling Portraits - Need a portfolio or want to look like a model?  A professional modeling photo shoot is cheaper than you may think.

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Weddings / Events  -  Having your special day or event captured by a professional can be affordable.  

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Pet Photography - They are a member of the family, why not have high quality pictures that capture their character and charm?

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Photo Restoration / Digital Re-Mastering - Have photos or a shoot  that didn't turn out as well as you hoped?  Need an old photo restored?

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Photography Training -  Want to improve your skills as a Photographer? Training is available for camera techniques and portrait/model posing.

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Photoshop Training - Almost anything is possible with Photoshop if you know how to use it.  

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Freebies-  If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, you can download a free app featuring my images of Isla Mujeres, Mexico

                 "Isla at Your Fingertips" shows images of one of the beautiful spots on earth.  

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