Have you ever looked at a new product and thought "It's about time!" or "why didn't I think of this?!?" Well this happened to me when I tried out the new Cap Gorilla. I've heard it said there is genius in simplicity and this item proves it. The basic idea behind Cap Gorilla is it is a device to hold your lens cap. Who needs that??? Every photographer in the world, that's who. Frank Sinatra may have left his heart in San Francisco, but I have left my lens cap everywhere. You know, you are in a fantastic location, you take the cap off,...and then,..you,..umm,..put it,....somewhere. Then later, ...it's gone! I swear lens caps are like socks in the dryer. Well, the future is here. I don't have my flying car, or robot servant, but at least I am not going to lose a lens ever again. This,....Thing, is brilliant! I've had a couple Cap Gorillas for a few weeks now and I can't believe how naturally I've gotten used to them. It is so simple to put on and use. It just fits on your camera strap. When you go to shoot, take your cap off, and just slide it under that elastic strap of the Cap Gorilla. That's it. When you are done, guess what? Your lens cap is still there. I know it sounds very simple, but did you think of it? I didn't, but wish I had. Like I said I've had mine for a couple of weeks and it works on any size lens cap. When I first got them, I tried it out on my IR camera because it had a traditional strap. My color camera has my 1970s vintage wide strap. Soooo, I just took some strong thread and stitched it onto the strap. Now, I am not going to lose another lens cap.
Want one? Here's the page: http://www.capgorilla.com/?id=fb

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