I am not a Photographer, but a Digital Artist. I say that not to be arrogant, but rather as a clarification. A photographer captures images of reality and presents it for all to view. I capture an image, then alter it to create my vision of reality. I say this for those who refer to the term in photography of "purist". I am a Digital "Purist". I openly embrace the technology that allows me to create the images I do. Digital imaging is not Photography much in the same way Painting is not Photography. When I manipulate, alter, or Photoshop an image it is not to trick the viewer. I never claim my images are an exact rendering of reality.
My work varies because it is a reflection of what I am feeling at the moment.
When I finish an image that does not mean I think it’s great,. . . just that it’s done.
My enjoyment is in the creation. Personally, I only like a small percentage of what I create.
Once I’m done with an image, I start mentally looking around, thinking “Okay,…..next?”

The work you see on this site is my vision of things. I hope you enjoy it.

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